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Finally, the popular NIU electric scooter is now available at Voltes!

Finally, the popular NIU electric scooter is now available at Voltes!

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What makes NIU’s electric scooter so unique?

The NIU e-scooter stands out. It’s a unique vehicle on its own, not merely a copy of an existing brand. Much attention has been paid to quality, design, speed and safety. For example, every NIU electric scooter is equipped with a high-quality electric Bosch motor. And the NIU battery pack utilizes Panasonic battery cells - the same battery that is used by Tesla. Moreover, NIU’s electric scooters hold numerous features and gadgets that ensure a ride you won’t forget. Every time.

Carefree driving with Cruise Control

Lock the speed, let go of the throttle and your NIU electric scooter takes over. With Cruise Control, your e-scooter continues to drive at your chosen speed, without your interference.

This feature is specifically useful when driving straight ahead for a longer period of time. As soon as you turn the throttle again, or apply the brakes, Cruise Control switches itself off.

Never lose your e-scooter with GPS

We’ve all been there. You park your bike or scooter somewhere and when you come back, you can’t find it anywhere. Fortunately, with NIU’s electric scooters, this issue belongs to the past. Thanks to the GPS feature in the NIU app you’re always able to find your NIU e-scooter back in seconds.

Receive notifications in case of theft

The last thing you want is for your new NIU electric scooter to be stolen. When someone with malicious intent comes near your scooter, you’ll receive a notification on your phone. The NIU app warns you with an alarm when someone might move the electric NIU scooter.

Flashing lights turn off automatically

Do you sometimes forget to turn off your flashing light while driving? Often it’s not that big of a deal, but things could get dangerous when another driver thinks you’re about to turn right while you’re actually driving straight ahead. Luckily the flashing lights of your NIU e-scooter turn off automatically when the scooter notices that you’ve made a turn.

Always clearly visible with 360° LED lighting

You don’t need to worry about not being noticable in the dark. Thanks to the 360 degrees Halo of light around all NIU electric scooters, you’re extra visible, no matter the weather conditions. And it looks super cool.

In addition, the headlights of the NIU e-scooter are equipped with LED daytime running lights. This makes you optimally visible during the day as well.

Safe braking thanks to advanced braking system

Thanks to the disc brake on both the front and the rear wheel, you can be sure that you’ll come to a safe stop when braking. 

Furthermore, the electric NIU scooter is equipped with an Electronic Braking System. This system ensures that the battery is recharged during braking. In some models, up to 6% is recycled!

Start your NIU e-scooter from 50 meters away

Save time driving away by simply pressing the button on your key to start the e-scooter. In other words, ride your electric NIU scooter with the key still in your pocket! This feature is called ‘key ignition’. You start the e-scooter from 50 meters away.

Charge the battery anywhere

You don’t need to find a charging station to charge your NIU electric scooter. All models are equipped with a removable Panasonic lithium battery. Disconnect the battery from the NIU e-scooter and charge it whenever and wherever it suits you.

Thanks to the USB portal it’s possible to charge your phone while driving. Quite useful right?

The different NIU e-scooters in a nutshell

Which NIU e-scooters are actually available? Well, a lot! Large, small, for one or two people, there is a model for everyone.

So we can imagine you might wonder “which e-scooter is right for me?”. To help you make the perfect choice, we have listed the models we sell at Voltes here below.

The NIU MQI series: e-scooter with a beautiful design

If details matter to you, you will like the MQI series. Of all models available, NIU MQI pays the most attention to design. The MQI even won an award for it - the Red Dot City Award in 2017.

The main difference between the NIU MQI series and its big brother the NQI series, is in the weight and size of the electric NIU scooter. The NIU MQI is smaller and lighter, plus it has a more defined and revolutionary look.

The MQI is available in 3 versions: the MQI-1, MQI+ Sports and MQI GT.

Overview all Niu MQi models
ModelNiu MQi+ Sport - Standard RangeNiu MQi+ Sport - Extended RangeNiu MQi GT - Standard RangeNiu MQi GT - Extended Range
Motor power1200 watt1200 watt3100 watt3100 watt
Top speed25 or 45 km/h25 or 45 km/h45 or 70 km/h45 or 70 km/h
BatteryLithium-ion (31Ah) PanasonicLithium-ion (42Ah) PanasonicLithium-ion (31 Ah) PanasonicLithium-ion (42Ah) Panasonic
Battery rangeUp to 65 or 45 kmUp to 80 or 60 kmUp to 75 or 70 kmUp to 95 or 90 km
Braking systemFront and rear disc brakes, EBS (Electronic Braking System)Front and rear disc brakes, EBS (Electronic Braking System)Front and rear disc brakes, EBS (Electronic Braking System)Front and rear disc brakes, EBS (Electronic Braking System)
Wheel size10 inch10 inch14 inch14 inch
Charging time7 hour7 hour4,5 hour6 hour
LightsFront, rear and 360° Light HaloFront, rear and 360° Light HaloFront, rear and 360° Light HaloFront, rear and 360° Light Halo
Weight72 kg72 kg115 kg115 kg


The NIU NQI series: spacious, comfortable electric scooter

Do you prefer to drive around the city with 2 people? And do you feel more comfortable on a somewhat larger, sturdy e-scooter?

Then get to know the big brother of the MQI, the NQI series. These NIU electric motor scooters are designed in such a way that you’re able to take someone with you on the back. The co-driver places his or her feet on the folding footrests. This is also possible with the MQI, but with the NQI there’s just a lot more space.

A special model in the list is the NIU NQI Cargo. Delivery boxes can be installed on the back of the e-scooter. This way you transport meals with ease.

The number of watts of the motors varies from 1500 watt (NQI Sport) to no less than 3100 watt (NQI GTS). If you want, you can reach a top speed of no less than 70 km/h with the NQI GTS!

Overzicht alle Niu NQi modellen
ModelNiu NQi Sport - Standard RangeNiu NQi Sport - Extended RangeNiu NQi GTS - Standard RangeNiu NQi GTS - Extended Range
Aantal watt1200 watt1500 watt3100 watt3100 watt
Topsnelheid25 or 45 km/h 25 or 45 km/h70 km/h70 km/h
AccuLithium-ion (26 Ah) PanasonicLithium-ion (35 Ah) PanasonicLithium-ion (2x26 Ah) PanasonicLithium-ion (2x35 Ah) Panasonic
ActieradiusTot 50 of 40 kmTot 55 of 77 kmTot 70 kmTot 90 km
RemsysteemVoor- en achter schijfremmen, EBS (Electronic Braking System)Voor- en achter schijfremmen, EBS (Electronic Braking System)Voor- en achter schijfremmen, EBS (Electronic Braking System)Voor- en achter schijfremmen, EBS (Electronic Braking System)
Wielmaat12 inch12 inch14 inch14 inch
Laadtijd7 uur8 uur6 uur7 uur
VerlichtingVoor, achter en 360° Light HaloVoor, achter en 360° Light HaloVoor, achter en 360° Light HaloVoor, achter en 360° Light Halo
Gewicht99 kg99 kg115 kg115 kg


The NIU UQI series: fun-size e-scooter for urban adventures

Unlike the NQI and the MQI, the UQI is somewhat smaller. It’s specifically designed for rides in the city.

The UQI electric scooters, the UQI GT and UQI Sport, are characterized by their so-called “naked frame”: a sturdy looking steel frame. This frame provides more maneuverability and flexibility while riding the scooter. Make sharp turns easily and zigzag through hidden streets without effort.

Overview all Niu UQi models
ModelNiu UQi SportNiu UQi GT
Motor power1200 watt1500 watt
Top speed25 or 40 km/h45 km/h
BatteryLithium-ion (21Ah) PanasonicLithium-ion (42Ah) Panasonic
Battery rangeUp to 25-30 or 27-37 kmUp to 60 km
Braking systemFront and rear disc brakes, EBS (Electronic Braking System)Front and rear disc brakes, EBS (Electronic Braking System)
Wheel size12 inch14 inch
Charging time6 hours9 hours
LightsFront, rear and 360° Light HaloFront, rear and 360° Light Halo
Weight57 kg75 kg


Looking for a NIU kick scooter?

Would you rather move on an electric kick scooter than a regular e-scooter? If yes, we have good news for you. NIU has a whole series devoted to kick scooters: the KQI series.

With a maximum speed of 25 km/h you drive throughout the city with pleasure. Thanks to the wide foot deck you easily put two feet next to each other. Furthermore, the frame of the kick scooter is made of aluminum, making it light in weight. The front and rear disc brakes provide strong braking power on both dry and wet surfaces.

Good to know: the KQI series is foldable, so you can easily take your NIU kick scooter anywhere.

This model is available in 3 versions: the KQI2 Sport, the KQI3 Sport and the KQI3 Pro.

Overview Niu electric scooters
ModelNiu KQi2 ProNiu KQi3 SportNiu KQi3 Pro
Motor power300 watt300 watt350 watt
Top speed25 km/h25 km/h25 km/h
BatteryLithium-ion (365Wh)Lithium-ion (365Wh)Lithium-ion (486Wh)
Battery rangeUp to 40 kmUp to 40 kmUp to 50 km
Braking systemDrum brakeDouble disc brake (front and rear)Double disc brake (front and rear)
Wheel size10 inch9,5 inch9,5 inch
Type of wheelsTubelessTubelessTubeless
DisplayYes, multifunctional displayYes, multifunctional displayYes, multifunctional display
Hill grade15%15%20%
LightsFront and rear lightFront and rear lightFront and rear light
Weight18,4 kg18,5 kg20,3 kg


Stop by for a free test drive with your favorite NIU e-scooter!

Did you become as enthusiastic about the NIU e-scooter as we are? And would you like to try out the different models? If yes, feel free to stop by for a free test drive at Voltes. Contact our customer service and we will be happy to provide you with more information. See you soon!

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